Cased Drilled Shafts

Casing is required when ground conditions are unstable and drilled holes cannot safely be drilled open. Casing can be permanent, but when drilling in soil it is typically temporary. Construction Drilling utilizes casing oscillators and rotators capable of installing casing from 6” to 6.5’. Oscillators and rotators can be used to install casing when vibration and noise are a concern, vibratory and impact hammers can be used when these are not a concern.

The use of casing is a proven method to install drilled shafts in soil caving conditions such as gravels, loose sands, soils, cobbles, boulders and water-saturated media. Construction Drilling has successfully cored through boulders over 6’ in diameter during shaft excavations. Using oscillators and rotators in combination with down-hole hammers, augers and grabs is a sure method of shaft installation in any soil or rock condition. This removes risk and allows Construction Drilling to supply a high quality product on schedule.

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