Soil Drilled Shafts

Construction Drilling’s extensive auger and equipment fleet includes restricted-access rigs (for access to difficult sites), as well as large-diameter high-torque rigs for very deep and very hard drilling conditions. Our modern auger fleet ranges from specialized low-headroom drill rigs, such as the LoDrill, to adaptable European hydraulic drilling rigs. These drill rigs are accompanied by an extensive tooling inventory consisting of augers, buckets,  turners, and core barrels ranging from 10” to 10’. These rigs are used to drill open shafts or clean out installed casing.

At times,  given access constraints, hammer grab and spherical grab shaft excavation is more economical and efficient: e.g. in cases where a crane is the only piece of equipment with the reach to access the shaft location.  In marine applications, we often find that splice lengths are too long for a drill to enter the casing.

Construction Drilling has a large inventory of grabs ranging from 30” to 10’, along with the churns, chisels and rock breakers to ensure installation and excavation are successful.

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