Drill Systems

CDI has a wide range of drill systems to install any deep foundation element on your project. Relatively new developments in design and construction methods of shafts have provided considerably more economy to their use in all settings. In many instances, a single drilled shaft can replace a cluster of piles eliminating the need (and cost) for a pile cap.

Drill Systems Services

Dual Rotary Drill Systems

Our dual rotary drill rigs are used when casing has to be socketed into hard bedrock. They can also be used when sand, gravel, cobbles and large boulders make it challenging to drill a cased hole. The versatility of dual rotary drilling makes it one of the most efficient, low-risk and cost-effective methods for drilling in difficult formations.

Reverse Circulation Drilling

Reverse Circulation, or RC Drilling, is a clean and environmentally friendly method of deep foundation installation.

The Down Hole Hammer

Our drill bits are available in different sizes we can drill a wide range of hole sizes from 6” to 50”

Reverse Flood Drilling

The reverse flood drilling method with rotary head is a straightforward and effective way to drill large-diameter deep holes, on land and off shore. Because the hole remains flooded it is a very stable method in unforgiving rock formations.


Under-reamers are particularly useful in offshore applications. We have many hanging lead drill systems that can utilize various under reaming systems from 12” to 36”.

Limited Access Drills

We have many limited-access drills to suit low-headroom locations, and installations next to property lines or existing buildings. We have a proven track record drilling under power lines, up to sensitive existing structures and buildings, up to property lines, and also into remote locations.

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