Treatment wall Rejuvenation

Construction drilling has recently begun construction of the 2016 Treatment wall Rejuvenation at the Pacific Environmental Centre Site, in West Vancouver British Columbia.

Public Works Canada and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) has requested services for remedial activities to rejuvenate replace and extend a treatment wall at the above noted site. Construction Drilling was the successful bidder to Milestone Environmental Contractors Inc. Milestone and CDI worked together using experience and a value-added approach to win the job.

The treatment wall consists of a reactive media uniformly distributed throughout a sand or pea gravel matrix (non-reactive media). The reactive media portion contains compost, limestone and zero valent iron. Rejuvenation of the wall requires excavation of the old wall media followed by placement of new wall media. The media filters contaminated ground water from the Pacific Environmental Centre Site as it flows through to Burrard Inlet.

The treatment wall is 2m wide x 11.5m deep x 121m long with a 1m wide x 11.5m deep x 6m long grout cut off wall extending to the eastern property boundary that borders with Kinder Morgan Canada Terminals.

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