Shoring Walls, Cofferdams & Cut-off Walls

Shoring and cofferdams are used to retain earth or water, to protect adjacent structures (buildings, bridge abutments, roadways), and to cut off ground water or contaminated soil when excavation is required. Shoring designs can be very complicated as the design has to take into account unknown geotechnical factors, building, traffic, and equipment surcharge loads. Shoring systems also assist cutting off ground water during excavation. There are two main components to shoring walls: the retention system that contains the earth (secant-piles, sheet-piles, soldier-piles and lagging or shotcrete, etc.) and the support system (beams, bracing, tie-backs, struts, rakers, deadmen, etc.)

Construction Drilling has successfully designed and installed all types of shoring and cofferdam systems. We can assist with design and value-added engineering from the conception stage of your project, ensuring that you get the shoring or cut-off system to best suit the job for constructability, schedule, and cost.

Typical shoring systems we install:

  • Secant pile walls
  • Soldier pile walls
  • Sheet pile walls
  • O-pile walls
  • Cofferdams
  • Cut-off walls
  • Passive walls

Shoring Walls, Cofferdams & Cut-off Walls Services

Secant Pile Walls & Cofferdams

Secant piles are concrete cast-in-place drilled shafts installed so that they overlap to form a continuous wall.

Soldier Pile Walls

Soldier pile walls are mostly used for temporary excavations. The walls are built by installing vertical steel piles (usually H piles) at regular intervals (6’ to 8’ centers) along the retention wall line.

Sheet Pile Walls, Cofferdams and O-Pile Walls

Sheet pile walls are used as an earth retention system in soils that allow driving from the surface to a termination depth. Interlocking O-pile walls are a relatively new retention system.

Passive Walls

Our experience with passive walls has involved the replacement of permeable reaction treatment walls installed across the flow path of contaminated materials sites.

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