Southwest Rapid Transit

Project Overview:

As part of a plan to expand the Rapid Transit system in Winnipeg, CDI was contracted to install a series of cofferdams, retaining walls, and overpass caissons across numerous phases. The first phase involved two circular cast-in-place concrete cofferdams to act as wet wells for pump stations. This was followed by 10 – 1200mm diameter steel cased, rock socketed caissons to support a highway overpass. These steel casings were advanced up to 13.2 meters into bedrock. Extreme care and diligence was required as the work was performed directly adjacent to an active highway.

The final phase of the project involved a retaining wall made of both steel beam reinforced CIP soldier piles in various configurations as well as steel sheet piles.

Project Details:

Owner: Plenary Roads Winnipeg Transitway LP
Client: PCL Constructors Canada Inc
Final Contract Value: $2,227,305
Duration: September 2016 - Ongoing

Project Logistics:

2 x Circular Cofferdam 8.3m dia
CIP concrete piles – 750mm Ø 84
Rock Socketed caissons – 1200mm Ø; 1.8m rock socket 10
Sheet Pile Retaining Wall 59m
Steel Beam Reinforced CIP Soldier Piles – 900mm Ø and 1200mm Ø 48

Services included in this project:

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