Project Profiles

16020-SWRT Sheet Pile Installation

Southwest Rapid Transit

As part of a plan to expand the Rapid Transit system in Winnipeg, CDI was contracted to install a series of cofferdams, retaining walls, and overpass caissons across numerous phases.

Edmonton LRT: Grierson Hill Caissons

46 large diameter deep Caissons with sizes up to 2.4m diameter x 46 meters deep. The drilled caissons stabilize Grierson Hill and allow for the construction and usage of a Light Rail Bridge over the North Saskatchewan River and a tunnel that will connect the city center to the rail line.

Rock Bay Work Area 3, Remediation Project

The Rock Bay Remediation Project involves the environmental remediation of contamination at the Rock Bay site in Victoria, BC (Working Area 3). The work includes an approximate excavation area of 4,700 m² and anticipated volume of 24,500 m³ in-situ.

Remediation of DND Yarrows Property

Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) on behalf of The Department on National Defence (DND) had a requirement to remediate the DND Yarrows site located at CFB Esquimalt, in Victoria, B.C. The work included construction of 3 laydown areas for site material, a barrier wall around the perimeter of the site, remediation of contaminated fill below the historic 1924 shoreline, and site restoration.

FMF Cape Breton – Phase V WP20 & WP22 Pile Work

The aim of this Shop Consolidation Project is to replace antiquated, outdated and deficient industrial facilities, and to enable a fundamentally critical transformation and modernization of the FMF Cape Breton’s industrial workplace. This project is the fifth and final phase of a multi-phased project and comprises new construction, renovation, demolition and site works of the FMFCB buildings.

Parsons Creek East Arterial Interchange

63:11 & 12 Parsons Creek Interchange at Jct. Hwy. 63 and Hwy. 686, N. of Fort McMurray Construct Structural Steel Girder Bridge and Other Work 686:20 B.F. 85178 – Grade Separation Carrying Hwy. 686 over Hwy. 63, N. of Fort McMurray

Johnson St Bridge

Construction of a new Bascule draw bridge and related street and utility works, and the demolition of the existing bridge.

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