Firebag River Bridge Replacement & Winter Road to Fort Chipewyan

Project Overview:

8 each 1062mm diameter Cast-in-Place Reinforced Concrete Piles were required for the two abutments of the new bridge. Later, an additional 4 each 900mm diameter wingwall CIP piles were added to the subcontract.

Prior to construction, a small diameter exploratory hole was to have been advanced at each bent location for testing. However, this process was not completed due to presence of H2S gas.

The concrete piles were drilled to the pile tip elevations provided. Permanent steel casing for the concrete piles were extended to the elevations shown. CDI extended permanent steel casings using an LS218 Linkbelt Crane, Mait HR260 drill rig and rotator to advance the casing through the karstic limestone and then seat the casing into the biomicritic limestone. Care was taken during the drilling to ensure that good contact between the casing and the bed rock was maintained. Once the casing was seated into the biomicritic limestone a 5m deep open rock socket was drilled.

Immediately after the holes were augured, cleaned and accepted by the consultant concrete was placed. Due to cold temperatures concrete was insulated, hydrated and heated, to allow proper curing.  The entire project was completed in temperatures between -15 degrees and -50 degrees.

Project Details:

Owner: Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo
Client: Alberco Construction Ltd.
Final Contract Value: $1,464,000
Duration: Feb. 2014 to Feb. 2015

Project Logistics:

Drill Rig Setup – Abutment Piles 8 Piles
1062 Ø Pile Installation – Abutment Piles 192 lm
Supply & Installation – Permanent Steel Pipe Pile Casing 152 lm
Pile Concrete – Abutment Piles 170 m³
900 Ø Pile Installation – Wingwall Piles 4 Piles

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