Remediation of DND Yarrows Property

Project Overview:

On the edge of the ocean, CDI constructed 135 lm of secant pile wall by using 900mm Ø piles.  The piles were drilled 15m deep, through steel debris, riprap, wood, concrete waste. The end result was the required secant wall to be waterproofed for depth of excavation 12m. This Secant Pile Wall was then used for the deeper excavation sections.

During the drilling for this project, thick zones of large rock (1.5m to 2.5m) were encountered.  There was also a large snowstorm event which occurred, atypical of Victoria weather.  Yet the Secant Pile was constructed and the wall performed as designed.

Project Details:

Owner: PWGSC
Client: Quantum Murray, LP
Final Contract Value: $1,600,000
Duration: 5 months

Project Logistics:

Waterproof Secant Pile Wall 135 lm
900mm Ø x 15m deep piles

Services included in this project:

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