Rock Bay Work Area 3, Remediation Project

Project Overview:

Supply and install 73.51 lm of 1200mm diameter secant pile wall with an average total depth of 15.94m with a 500mm embedment into rock. A total of 78 each secant piles with a 950mm center to center distance complete with 59 each W610 x 140 x 15 to 18m long beams from P1 to P47 and 26 each W610 x 110 x 15m long beams from P48 to P74. 4 secant piles are only concrete filled. Included is the supply and delivery of 8-10 MPa concrete.

Project Details:

Owner: BC Hydro
Client: Salish Sea Industrial Services
Final Contract Value: $1,500,000
Duration: 3 months

Project Logistics:

1200mm Ø secant pile wall 73.51 lm

Services included in this project:

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