Parsons Creek East Arterial Interchange

Project Overview:

H Piles were ordered to meet the requirements of Spec CSA G40.21M 350W. Pile locations were marked with offsets. Inspections and approvals of splices and driving criteria were established.  The Birmingham Lead System was used to ensure horizontal and vertical positioning. A D30-42 Hammer was used to drive until refusal.  PDA-EOID testing was performed after the driving was finished. A 10,000 lb. Drop Hammer was used on any piles that required re-striking. Once seated, the piles were cut off to the required elevations. The pier piles were 1200mm dia bell piles to approx. 12lm deep each, the overburden material was saturated wet sandy clay. The casings were taken to bedrock and seated, the bedrock was clay shale. The bell was drilled below the casing tip to a diameter of 8’ (2/1 bell).

Project Details:

Owner: Alberta Infrastructure
Client: Innovative Civil Constructors Inc
Final Contract Value: $600,000
Duration: March to July 2014

Project Logistics:

Supply of Piling – Plain Steel H-Pile (HP310x110) 1567 M
Pile Set-up (Driven Piles) 80 Piles
Pile Driving 1567 M
Drill Rig Set-up (Drilled Piles – 1200mm Dia.) 16 Piles
Caisson Installation (1200mm Dia) 215 LM

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