FMF Cape Breton – Phase V WP20 & WP22 Pile Work

Project Overview:

The Cape Breton project took place on an active naval base, which required strict security protocols, meticulous planning, and a great deal of responsiveness to base incidents that impacted our activities. The scope of work consisted of piling installation over two work packages. A total of 265 permanently-cased, 610mm diameter CIP piles were installed using several stages to ensure a high level of precision and to overcome a multitude of unforeseen obstructions.

Pile locations were pre-augered with a MAIT 180 hydraulic drill and fitted with a temporary, oversized starter casing to ensure vertical plumbness. Production casing was stood up and driven with an APE200 vibratory hammer through controlled-density fill and native blue clay until refusal was met. Casing lengths were spliced on location as required. Once at refusal, the piles were cleaned out with the auger and readied for rock drilling. A Barber DR-40 dual rotary, reverse circulation drill rig was used to seat the casing one meter into bedrock with an additional 2.5-meter-deep rock socket into 290-350MPa hard granite rock.

All rock sockets were video inspected and approved before full length reinforcing cages and 35 MPa tremie concrete were installed. CDI also performed an Osterberg-cell load test to confirm integrity of piles. Drill tailings were stockpiled and tested before disposal at appropriate facility based on constituent contaminants. The team was successful in installing all piles precisely and to owner’s satisfaction despite very tight site conditions, security restrictions on material deliveries, and a severely undulating bedrock profile.

Project Details:

Owner: DND/DCC (Department of National Defence / Defence Construction Canada)
Client: EllisDon Kinetic – A Joint Venture
Final Contract Value: $9,500,000
Duration: 8 months

Project Logistics:

Supply of Piling – 610Ø steel pipe piles 5520 M
Pile Driving 265 Piles
Rock Sockets 705 M
Rock Probes 28 Probes

Services included in this project:

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